Thursday, November 23, 2006

"Not a Man Wavered" was probably my most rewarding piece this year. It not only helped me overcome a modeling phobia of depicting figures in full motion, but also having two of them being connected together and having the composition work to my liking.

This particular vignette depicts soldiers of the 1st Minnesota at the Battle of Gettysburg on the evening of July 2nd, 1863. Ordered forward by Major General Winfield S. Hancock in a desperate attempt to check the advancing Confederates, Col. William Colvill and 261 men of the 1st, with fixed bayonets, charged across 300 yards of open field and stopped Wilcox Alabama Brigade cold! Exchanging volleys with the Confederates at forty yards the little band of gallant men were finally overlaped and pushed back. With this charge, Hancock was able to bring up fresh troops to stop the advance and save that part of the Union line.

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Dave said...

Hi Jason,found Pictures of your first minnesota at gettysburg miniatures during a web you make these available for sale?my great great grandfather was a minnesota civil war vet though not with the 1st so am interested in depictions of minnesota civil war history.i liked your miniatures very much.