Saturday, April 7, 2007

The "Burgoo Boys" at Charlton Park '98
From L-R: Me, "Uncle Roy" Adkins, Jay (kneeling)
"JP" and "Ezra"

JP and I during a warm up "march" for the
Chancellorsville preservation event in '98

My brother Todd dressed in my 5th New York
Zouave uniform.

Ezra...being himself.


Gary Dombrowski said...

Cool pics Jason. C'mon you gotta have an itch to get out there once in a while. So what's on the figure bench?~Gary

Jason said...

Yeah, it can be a bad itch. Every spring I get a bug. But it soon passes, especially if I have figures waiting to be finished.

Jason said...

The figures I have on the bench are a Garde Mobile 1870 and a soldier of Wilder's Mounted Infantry Brigade. Both are about 90% finished with sculpting. This is the first time I've sculpted two figures from two different periods at the same time. I'll post some pics soon.


WendyRaf said...

Hey Jason,
Cool pics! In your reeactment days did you happen to meet Brett Pharo (5th texas, I think) from near Traverse City? He's good friends with some of my inlaws. Brett had the hubby thinking about joining up, but he didn't want to travel that much.

I can't wait to see some pics of your newest guys. You're going to have a bunch of stuff to bring to Valley Forge! I hope to finish sculpting at least one of the horses I'm working on. Hopefully painted too...speaking of which, the putty calls. :)