Thursday, May 1, 2008

Ferdinand, Duke of Brunswick

I finished this guy just before the MFCA show. It's a Puchala 54mm I got of ebay a year or so ago. The pose really appealed to me... and was cheap! I've been working on him off and on for the past few months. The casting was bad and the head didn't have much character, so I decided to go with a head from MIG. It fit pretty well. Whether it looks like the Duke is up to the viewer. Sorry for the poor pics.

Some of these Puchala figures are real gems. I have the Margrave of Baden itching to be painted.


Gary Dombrowski said...

Jason, Very nice. I think the MIG head looks great. Nice job on the hair too1 ~Gary

Centauro said...

I really enjoyed to see this figure well done and painted,
but the head is not similar to the Duke of Brunswick from the Menzel painting.Sorry !!
The MIG heads looks characterful yes but this is not the Duke!!
Too skinny for the orignal.
Its only a prussian officer from the regiment of the Duke!
Nice job on the wig indeed.
Best compliments for painting.
Best regards Ulrich