Monday, June 23, 2008

Officer, 79th Regt. (Cameron Highlanders) Crimea 1854

My latest figure is Latorre's Highlander Officer in the Crimea. This is the type of figure that can take any good sculptor back to school. The detail Latorre put into this piece is phenomenal. It practically painted itself. At first I was a bit intimidated but once I started spreading colors it flowed nicely. And this was my first real attempt at a tartan which turned out better than I thought.
This figure will surely go down as a classic if only for it's elegance.
I apologize for the lousy pics. The red of the jacket is not that bright.


WendyRaf said...

Beautiful painting on an awesome fig.


Jason said...

Thanks Wendy! I highly recommend this figure. You would have a blast painting that tartan.

Robert Jan said...

Hello Jason,

Another great figure!

all the best from Holland,
Robert Jan

Jason said...

Thanks Robert Jan! I appreciate the kind words.

Gary Dombrowski said...

Jason, Great job on the figure. The tartan looks really good. Maybe this will inspire you to sculpt a highlander of some sort. ~Gary

Jason said...

Thanks pard! Yeah, I have a AWI Highlander caricature in the works.