Saturday, January 10, 2009

Berthier- The American Connection

Here's a short bio on Berthier and his involvement in the American Revolution. Louis-Alexandre was born in 1753 at Versailles. His father was in charge of the Royal Map Service. At the age of 24 the young Berthier entered the army in 1777. He attained the rank of Captain. This is where he develops his talents in map making, no doubt inherited from his father.
In 1780, he is asked to be assigned to Rochambeau's Army which is preparing to leave for the America's. He's assigned to the army staff and takes part in the siege of Yorktown. From there he makes several maps on the return march to Boston.
As for the figure, he is 80% complete and going slowly. I've been working long hours and it's been difficult to get motivated and pick up a brush. I hope to make more progress this weekend.

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