Sunday, May 16, 2010

Some MFCA 2010 show pics

Here's some pics from the MFCA show. I have nothing much to say to about the show other than WOW! The large number of pieces displayed, seeing the quality of work, that gets better each year and Bill Horan's retrospective, made for one great time. I honestly could have stood in front of his display the whole weekend and just study each piece. I doubt that many of us will see that much of Bill's work in one place ever again.

I regret that some of the pieces that I photographed does not have a name attached. I always mean to go back and write down the artist name to go along with the piece. From now on...

The two pieces that I do recognize with a name is Matt Springer's "Woodland Nymph" and Trevor Hensley's(sp?) "Avatar". Both excellent pieces that pics don't do justice.

More later.


Ross Mahoney said...

Jason nice pics. A show I would love to get to in the future.

Congrats on your award.


Jason said...

Thanks Ross! MFCA is one of the best. What makes it special to me is seeing wonderful work from people all over the country and accross the pond. Like a mini World Expo.