Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sneak Peek

I'm not as active blogging as I'd like to be. This current project has taken up a lot of my "free" time but I'll show a little teaser of what I'm working on. This will be the largest project I've taken on to date. My early large vignettes were not well received for a reason I well know now...Effective composition. Hopefully this current one will have that bite that is needed. Time will tell if this is a "winner" or another exercise in mediocre figure staging.

The subject is from the American Revolution and the scene from a battle in the South.

Thats all for now. Stay tuned.


Gary Dombrowski said...

Jason, This is going to be a great piece. Composition can be a difficult thing at times. Planning along with picking the brains of your peers can only serve to improve the initial vision. Regardless of how you feel about your older works I like them all. ~Gary

- said...

Well, dude, from the thin pic ;) I can see it's gonna have some serious action to it, and no doubt actions in the South suggest possibly the Dragoons raising hell in South Carolina or another similar location, possibly ambushing some colonists, perhaps? After writing all that, it's probably something totally unrelated, haha! Looks promising thus far sir. Hey did you ever get that email I sent you btw? Alright man, take care, and talk to you soon.

Stephen Ward

Jason said...

Thanks Gary. I have the vision but applying has been a different matter. Even with the armatures built and composed it still dosn't guarantee this piece success. I'm trying not to fear the "unknown" and push on.

Stephen, your very close and there are dragoons "raising hell". LOL!
Did not receive your email.