Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hessian Jaeger, 1778

Here's a AWI Hessian Jaeger based on, I believe, a Peter Copeland drawing. This is my second version of a Jaeger from the Revolution. There's just something about that uniform and kit that makes the fingers itch.

The head is from Hornet and the rifle is a Historex conversion. The body is made up of AVES, MS and Kneadatite.


Gary Dombrowski said...

Jason, That is sooooo cool. I love it. The face is fantastic. Could you take a few more pics from other angles...maybe? I see a painting there. Not that I need another project. great stuff. ~Gary

Jason said...

Thanks! No problem. I'll shoot you some more. These are just the better of the lot.

Joe Videki said...

WOW. Nice work on the Jager! Cool reference for some Perry Jagers I have. Liking alot of your work!
Impressive stuff! Keep it up!


ps where'd you find the "heads" for "A Cruel Misfortune"?

Jason said...

Thanks Joe! The heads for "Cruel" are from Historex.

Dana said...

Sorry for necroposting, but man, I want one! I recently discovered my my Irish Grandmother wasn't a Maloney. In fact, the name was Meinone and the patriarch of the family was Michael Meinone of Mainz. He was a member of Wittgenstein's Company of the Hesse-Hanau Jaeger-Chasseurs.

Your figure rocks! I was planning on trying my hand at one, but I think digital painting will have to do.

Great effort. Really like the result!