Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Step 5. This is where I do a little playing with the paint. I'll start by giving this fella a little 5 o'clock shadow. Using Reaper Tanned Shadow and Vallejo Dark Sea Grey I cover the jaw, chin area and upper lip. I'll add a mix of Tanned Shadow and Vallejo Violet in the next well over and tone it down. Ratio of water to paint is still about the same.

You'll notice I use the space in between the wells to mix and play with the colors.

Note that this is all being done in one sitting and the color wells from previous applications are still wet, with the exception of the basecoat.


Stephen said...

Dude, looks cool Jason. Nice to see how your faces come together.

Jason said...

Thanks Stephen! When you see him in the flesh you will notice a difference in contrast from what the pics show.