Saturday, May 7, 2011

English Civil War Vignette

Here's one of several projects I had going over the winter. Sorry for not posting in "real" time, I've just been plain lazy.

The scene is taken from an illustration I saw in a book on the history of cavalry. It depicts a Parliamentarian "Ironside" riding down on two Royalist officers. As you can see, there's some artistic license in the composition.

This project, I will have to say, was the toughest to compose of any project of mine to date (yes, even the Guilford project). To get the pieces to gell together took many hours of manipulating and much observation.

I'll post the painted version in the next day or so.


Robert Jan said...

Looking great Jason!
Can't wait to see the pictures where it is painted.

Robert Jan

Jason said...

Thanks RJ!