Friday, June 3, 2011

R.I.P James Arness (May 26, 1923- June 3, 2011)

A big part of my childhood was war movies and westerns. The long running TV show 'Gunsmoke' (1955-75) attracted my attention like no other TV program as a young kid(with the exception of cartoons like Johnny Quest and Johnny Bench's Baseball Bunch). I can still hear the 'Gunsmoke' theme blaring out of my Grandparents home which was next door. Practically every afternoon, during the summer would find me in front of the TV for an episode...And if the plot didn't grab me (how many do to a kid under ten or eleven?), I went back outside to play. It was all good, anything to fuel the imagination. To this day, I'll hunt for the show on TV Land.

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