Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year to everyone! I hope to be more productive in regards to blog postings. Last year was a busy time for modeling so there's a lot of catching up to do.

As you may have noticed, I changed the name of my blog. The reason being, I can barely keep up to-date with one, so I've taken the name of my other blog, "Minutia". This way I can share other interest I have, be it miniatures, art or historical reenacting (something that was a passion of mine for a good ten years). With that being said, all things historical that appeals to me, no matter the subject, will be here...Not just miniatures.

Stay tuned.

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Gary Dombrowski said...

Don't give me the idea to dump one blog and rename the other, tempting as it may be. For now I'll stick it out and re-vist what to do in a few months if need be. Here's to a productive year.