Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Carl Reid's 1st Regt., 11th N.Y. Fire Zouave 75mm

This was a monster to paint! I swear, the flag took longer to paint than the figure. The figure is from Carl Reid Sculptures and depicts a standard bearer of the 11th New York Fire Zouaves, 1861. I wasn't sure about the "super hero" pose at first, but it grew on me fast. It got me to thinking about poses in general. How else could this pose have been done, yet be interesting enough to build and paint? I couldn't think of one...Carl, simply did a wonderful job with this sculpt. The face is lean and tough looking, fitting the subject perfectly. The bare arms were screaming for tattoos, popular with the street toughs who filled the Fire Zouave ranks. I have some more work to do with the ground and mounting the piece to a base.


Kreston said...

Nice work! How was the cleanup on this figure and the flag? I have a 75mm Reid sculpted kit that is going to be a real chore to clean up.


Jason said...

Thanks Kreston! The figure wasn't too bad but the flag had a lot of surface "voids" which could have been sanded down before being primed. I will say that this figure was much easier to clean up than the United Empire piece I'm currently working on.