Thursday, February 7, 2013

Dutch Naval Hero Michiel de Ruyter

This project just shows how easily inspired I can get. I know nothing to very little of naval warfare, let alone 17th century naval warfare. I picked up this book at a local flea market/antique mall about the history of 17th century life/politics, etc...It had some cool pictures. Anyway, there was this caption (small) on this man. I was intrigued, so I "googled" him and learned he was a big deal back in his day. More on Ruyter


Gary Dombrowski said...

Your killing me with this stuff Jason. lol

What a great piece. I have a collection of such portraits somewhere of British naval officers. They make for great figures. ~Gary

Jorge said...

Te ha quedado preciosa la escultura, greatjob!!!

Jason said...

Thanks Jorge!

Thanks Gary! Yeah, lots of naval stuff (figures) to be explored in miniature.