Saturday, October 19, 2013

2nd Regiment of Chasseur a Cheval

I managed to finish one more project for the Chicago Show. This project is more or less a Historex conversion. The torso, head and hat, sword and sabretache are from Historex. The legs are as well, but they are from pieces designed for a soldier with leggings. I just added putty to the lower half to make into trousers. I changed the pose as well by spreading the legs and arching the upper torso to give a more animated casual pose.


Dallas McDonald said...

Thanks for the posting. I would like to see a how-to-make tutorial on scratchbuilding 54mm drums. From the historical photos and paintings I seen, drums are different sizes.

Jason said...

Yes, drums were/are very different in size depending on the time period and army. A little research and observation gives a good idea. When making drums, I use the materials I have at hand. I have a lot of thin plastic card that I use, for the drum body and head. What I do is wrap the plastic sheet around a brass dowel about three times, using plastic model glue as the adhesive.

Jason said...

Let it dry, then fill the seam with putty. Let that cure, then sand smooth. All the while the drum is still on he dowel. After pulling off the body from the dowel, I add the drum heads. Carve and smooth those. Add bands. Fill seam with putty. Sand smooth. The tension cords are kneadatite. Rolled out and let cure. Cut to size and glued to place. Adding putty to appropriate places.