Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Two for the road.

I love leaving for a show and having the workbenches CLEAN of projects. Here are two that I managed to finish over the past few weeks. The Swedish kettle-drummer is a Historex conversion and the small vignette are 28mm AWI British soldiers from Perry Miniatures. The Perry figures are very nice with lots of detail, however they would look much better in a larger vignette or diorama. Rumor has it, that their Continentals have just been released. I better get more practice with this scale.


Ubique Matt said...

Those 28mm figures are some of the best painted examples I've seen. Hard to believe when you realise the scale of them.


Jason said...

Thanks Matt. The detail on them are really nice. The transition from large to small isn't really that hard for me. I painted 1/72 for years before doing primarily 54mm+.