Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Cutting straps and drilling holes.

The straps for the saddle, bridle, etc are cut at various widths from thin plastic. The holes are being drilled for anchoring pins for the horse bit and to the legs for mounting to base.


Jay Stone said...

Why don't you use electrical tape for the reins, belts, etc. It is more pliable than plastic.

Miguel Ángel Canarias said...

I love all your work. You're one of the biggest modelers. Your figures fall short of the figures of Bill Horan and Mike Blank.
I follow your blog daily but not used to put any comet.
I leave my link:

Jason said...

Electrical tape is great for reins. I'll have to give that another try. For other straps I find plastic strip has a harder edge and still contours nicely.

Jason said...

Thanks Miguel! Mike and Bill's work are always inspiring.