Thursday, December 24, 2015

Spending time with Washington and the Lincolns

Taking a break from sculpting to do some painting. Feeling a little rusty not having touched a brush since early October. I would like to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas!


Jay Stone said...

Why black for the primer?

Jason said...

It's easier to see the smallest detail where white may be "washed" out by too bright of lighting. It covers very well and you can spot bare spots or voids easily. Black adds depth to a figure. I wouldn't recommend (although, I haven't tried) it for painting a figure that is mostly uniformed with bright colors like white or red. It seems this color of primer works better for scales 54mm and lower, although there are painters who have used black for painting busts with light flesh tones and the results were fantastic. Comes down to the type of painter you are, personally, I like a lot of contrast in my figures and black helps with that goal.