Saturday, January 2, 2016

Coat skirts

Cart before the horse! Before posting the armor video, I should have posted these SBS's on doing coat skirts. Most coat lengths for this period were very long, usually falling about the knee cap. What I do to make these "skirts", is make a pattern, much like the shape of an actual clothing pattern from that time. I will let the putty cure for a while before rolling out. Coat the plastic lightly with baby/talcum powder. What I use for a rolling pin is an old baby food jar. Roll out the putty to desired thickness and place the pattern on the putty. Use a hobby knife to cut out your pattern and then adhere to figure, usually a couple dabs of super glue will do the trick. Once in place, I placed the figure back on the horse, allowing the skirts to drape over the saddle/equipment. Some manipulating is required to make the folds and creases look convincing. Let the figure cure on the horse before moving on.


Jay Stone said...

Thanks Jason. That is what I was looking for. Keep it going!

Charles Bono said...

Thanks for this video.
I like your work.