Sunday, November 16, 2008

Otto Dix's "Krieg", Part 6 *WARNING* GRAPHIC

Here some pics of the painted model. I'm still practicing with lighting/background with the new camera. Naturally the vignette looks different in the flesh despite my efforts with the camera to give the "perfect" magazine quality picture. I hope the viewer takes this into consideration when surfing the blog.

I may go back and do some touch-up painting here and there and post more pics later.

Thanks for looking.


Gary Dombrowski said...

Jason, Very nice. Are you using your flash at all? I almost never use mine, I count on the available daylight and whatever lights I have on the subject. Anyway I've seen you work in the flesh enough times to be able to vouch for the quality of what you do. I really like the composition. The soldat appears to be an observer to a nightmare in which he'll become an active participant. ~Gary

Jason said...


I took half the pics w/ flash the other without. Actually I like most of the pics I took with the flash. Some are a little harsh but turn out more crisp. I'm just begining to learn what works and what dosn't. The ones posted are the best of the batch so far.

Robert Jan said...

Hello Jason,

I think you have done a "good"job here.
I am very impressed.
When you take it to shows a lot of heads will be turned (in a positive way)
It is not at nice scene to look at, but the way you represent it makes you want to look....

all the best,

Jason said...


Thanks my friend. It's really hard to describe what I tried to accomplish in doing this piece. Call it letting my "freak flag fly"! I don't know. I was inspired by Dix's painting and wanted to replicate that somehow in miniature. Not sure if I did. Actually, there's times I'll look at the piece and be revolted then later on say to myself "wow" and pat myself on the back. I will say it was satisfying to do but doubt I will do something like this again.


WendyRaf said...

Wow. It's the carnage of war. Simple as that.

Do you plan on having a copy of the painting by the figure when it's displayed?

Dang, I want to see it in the flesh, but I'll have to be patient. :)

Jason said...

Thanks Wendy! Yes, I'm going to try and find an appropriate small picture frame that will show some of his work.

I guess this piece could be kinda like a car wreck. You don't want to slow down to look but you do anyway.

I'll bring it to the Michigan Show but not sure if I'll display it much. I'll leave it up to the club and will not be offended if there's a thumbs down. I consider that show more kid friendly than most and don't want to upset anyone. Heck, I'm trying to keep it hidden from my kids!

popg0estheworld said...

Wow- I'm envious that you came up with this idea first!

I am glad to see miniaturists breaking the barriers of the hobby and honest-to-god art. I am very impressed. Excellent concept, great interpretation of Dix's work. Just- wow.