Thursday, November 20, 2008

Otto Dix's "Krieg", Part 7 *WARNING* GRAPHIC

Here's some closer pics of the "marching" figure. I didn't want to date him or "label" him from a particular regiment so I gave him a mixture of early and later war issue equipment.

The rifle is a ICM Dreyse neeedle gun conversion. The 1/35 scale 98's I have in my spares box looked too short for the WW1 issue. I covered a portion of the barrel with putty and added a pistol grip to the stock.

The face has much more contrast than the picture shows.


Radek Pituch said...

This reminds me Goya's Los Desastres de la Guerra...anyway the scene came out really great. Terryfying and terrific at the same time.
I think that modelling, beeing a part of the arts, should also raise important issiues such as this.

Jason said...
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Jason said...

Thanks Radek! I agree if we endeavor to model miniatures into an art form such scenes should be displayed.
While I'm reluctant to call my work art, I will strive to take my figures to another level in the hobby.