Sunday, March 8, 2009

WW One "Tommy", Part 2

Here I've added the coat skirt, belts and have started filling and "tucking" putty. The collar and pockets where added later when the mid-section had cured. From the images of WW1 Brits I've seen, they where wearing their belts high. Either level with the navel or above.

Sorry for the poor pics. Most of these where taken on the fly.

This will be a "spoon feeding" session, as the figure is finished and is primed and ready to paint. I'll post more later today...Now I have to fix a leak in the roof!

Thanks for following.


Gary Dombrowski said...

Jason, The figure looks great. I especially like the hang of the web belting. The only thing that looks a bit odd is the bandaged part of the head it looks a bit high and bullet shaped. It looks to be that way in the WW1 photo. Maybe it's the cammera angle. Anyway, I think you're doing some of your best work on this.~Gary

Jason said...

Thanks! Yeah, he does have that cone-head look. I may just lop off the top a bit. Shouldn't be major surgery.