Monday, March 9, 2009

WW One "Tommy", Part 4

While going through my stash of ground work material, I found a brand new tube of Testors green putty...I'm kicking myself, because I could have used this in my Otto Dix vignette! I really need to get organized. I simply have too much "stuff".

Anyway, I went and sliced off a little of the top of Tommy's head. You can't tell from these pics as these were taken earlier. I didn't take off much becasue it was a little more difficult than I thought. He'll just have to have a thick bandage.

I used the Testors green stuff for dried mud/dirt. I stippled and smudged it here and there to give some texture. I also did not wash the figure prior to priming. By doing this revealed lint/dust is a couple spots which will add to the weathered look. On any other figure such discoveries would make a painter cringe.

The tough part will be the painting around the rifle and shovel. I'll add the helmet after most of the painting is complete. I hope to have him finished by this weekend or early next week. I have the day off of work today so I hope to make a little more progress. Thanks for following.

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