Saturday, May 2, 2009

Vase SBS

Here's a little sbs on the vase. I started out by digging through my spares for an appropriate "bowl" for the vase. I believe this piece is from Historex. I carved off the orginal handles and glued to a round plastic pole. The pole was a Tamiya telegraph or phone pole. It had just the right thickness to be an armature for putty work.

Once glued, I worked putty around the pole to give to give it a vase form. Once cured, I carefully carved and sanded to shape. The handles are brass rod I bent to shape and glued to sides.

I didn't use any picture reference for the vase. I just built what I thought would look convincing. It must have worked, because no one has come up and said "this isn't early 20th century, southern Bolivian, rural, creek bottom mud pottery!"

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Gary Dombrowski said...

Very cool little sbs pard, me likie. ~Gary