Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Painted Trooper...First Version

Here's the painted piece. He's not finished because I have it on pretty good authority that shoulder belt is not correct and should be the same color as the waist belt and void of lions head, chain and shield.

The wine glass was a bit tricky. What I did was take the butt end of a drill bit, visualized the depth I wanted the glass well to be and taped the end of the drill bit. I coated the end with Vaseline and mixed two batches of 3-Minute epoxy. One mix had a drop of acrylic paint (Vallejo Hull Red) the other plain. Naturally I didn't have alot of time to play. I coated the bit, first with the colored epoxy then the clear.
It took me six times to get an o.k. looking glass. The stem is thin wire and base clear plastic card. Both covered with epoxy. The red wine is not that bright in person. Same with the trooper's jacket, it's a much darker forest green.

Thanks for following and stay tuned.


Gary Dombrowski said...

Jason, That's pretty sweet. What do you mean by first version? Are you going to sculpt him again? ~Gary

Jason said...

What I mean is first picture version.

Matt Springer said...

Brilliant work, Jason! You da man!

I'd love to paint one of your sculpts sometime. Let me know if you ever sculpt a figure and don't feel like painting it ;-)

Jason said...

Thanks Matt. Will keep that in mind;)