Monday, September 7, 2009

The Pros...Painted

Here's the finished piece. What a work out! I'm pretty satisfied with how it turned out.

The pics are as good as it gets for now. I hope you all like. I'll post more pics later.

Thanks for following.


Gary Dombrowski said...

Jason, Very sharp pard. One question though. Why is Lafayette wearing a white waistcoat? Just curious. ~Gary

Jason said...

Thanks! I liked the contrast the waistcoat gives in Richard Hook's version. I think there's another illustration with him in a white waistcoat, most likely Hook's inspiration.

Gary Dombrowski said...

Hook may have gotten it from a painting of Lafayette around the time of the French Revolution. ~Gary

Jason said...

Yeah, thats what I suspect. Still, looks cool to me. And it's not necessarily inaccurate nor improbable that they would wear one not "uniform". If we went strictly by paintings such as Peale's, we would be fooling ourselves. As you know these were studio paintings toward the end and after the war. What they wore in the field, I'm willing to bet, were somewhat different then the studio setting.

Joe said...

Hey Jason,

Looks really nice. I wish I could produce as many nice things as yourself. Maybe one day I can get a little more motivated! Anyways great looking dio and look forward to seeing it in person.


Jason said...

Thanks Joe! As you know it's tough staying motivated on large projects. It's like running up-hill all the time, but if your in shape it dosn't hurt so bad. Thats why I can't take too many long breaks between projects, I get soft...Now if I can apply that work ethic to my own physical shape, I would be a trim 155 pounds!

Airton Jr. said...

excellent painting and sculpture!!!
congratulations from Brazil!!!
Airton Jr.

Jason said...

Thanks Airton! Appreciate the kind words.