Friday, October 9, 2009

New digs

I'm just about ready to move back into my play room. This was my summer project. Over the past couple years I noticed some damp spots in the corners of the far two walls and the drywall was getting soft at the bottom. Fearing the worst and tired of procrastinating, I decided to gut the two walls. Sure enough the base boards were water logged and rotting. I've had some construction experience so I was not too unfamliar on what needed to be done. The walls were ripped down, insulation taken out and the base boards pried from the frame. I had to "sister" some of the boards because water damage was climbing it's way up some spots and these had to be cut off. Mold was our biggest fear so everything was washed down and left to dry. My next project was filling in any cracks with fast setting cement. I also calked the heck out of everything. A coat of masonary paint was applied over the walls... Two and three coats over the problem area's. I replaced the base boards with treated wood, replaced the insulation with basement quality stuff and went on to hang sheet rock. I've done some "mudding" in the past so that went pretty quick. I finished painting the walls with a color called "swan sea" which is really a cool shade of white. We went and bought some cheap vinyl flooring with a faux stone pattern thats pretty convincing from a short distance. I finished the wall trim today and will start moving in tonight.


Gary Dombrowski said...

Jason, That's big downside to owning an older home, you never know the problems you might inherit. Anytime we work on a different section of the house we always seems to encounter delightful "things". Enjoy the new digs. ~Gary

Jason said...

The house was built in the '60's and was moved here. Yeah, we're finding some shoddy construction here and there. When we first bought the house we thought it was a steal but we got what we paid for. There's always something. Next will be our roof. Yipee!