Sunday, February 21, 2010

"A Cruel Misfortune" Final pics

Here's the last pics of the vignette. This project has brought me alot of satisfaction and I feel it's my most successful to date. The figures have interaction and tells a story. And, as we know, are key ingredients to most vignettes. I look back at past larger vignettes/dioramas compared to this, and they all lack that "punch" required. I don't look at them as failures (well...yes, at the display table) but as learning tools. And I hope to get better at vignettes from here, although it may take a few more to feel that satisfaction again.

Thanks for following this project.


Gary Dombrowski said...

Jason, Very nice. If I had to add anything to the vignette it would be a few pieces of equipment on the ground. A hat here or there along with a musket, broken sword and or cartridge box helps to give it that battlefield look. To me it's a key ingredient that saves the ground from having a "sterile" look about it. Mike Blank's Poltava vignette is a good example. There's just enough stuff on the ground to convey that after battle look. Just a thought. ~Gary

Jason said...

The composition is much tighter than the pic shows. I did add a hat. I could add some more "stuff" here and there but then it would look like they're tripping over it. Having a scene look too cluttered is another downfall of vignettes and I didn't want to fall into that trap. I know your a "junk" man, but really, this piece is not missing anything that would degrade the scene as a whole. I did make an extra sword, maybe I'll squeeze it in there...somewhere.