Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The pride of my collection.

As many know, Gary Dombrowski is not only a talented sculptor but a gifted 2-D artist. A couple months ago, I received a pleasant suprise in the mail. It was Gary's study of a Hessian jaeger he based on my original sculpture. No words could express my joy on receiving such a generous gift. This felt better than being given any award, at any show.
Like figures, seeing an original 2-D painting in the flesh is MUCH better than viewing through pictures. Gary put countless hours into this 5X7 painting. And aside from his generous heart it made me wonder if "true" artist feel no real ownership in their work. But it's really about enjoying what you do and feeling that intoxicating rush of creation. Either way, I couldn't ask for a better friend in the hobby. Thanks pard.
It now hangs above my painting table, next to a favorite of mine, Winslow Homer's "The Briarwood pipe".


Anders Heintz said...

Very, very nice!! Awesome addition to the collection and a very cool gift by Gary, way to go!

Gary Dombrowski said...

Jason, Thanks for the kind words buddy I really appreciated them. It was all my pleasure and I felt that we somehow shared ownership of the piece when I finished. Would I have painted a Jaeger otherwise? Sure, at some point, but it would NOT have been that one. Your figure provided the inspiration and visual image to base the study on. I studied commercial art at a technical highschool and recently connected with one of my former classmates. Though our jobs are not art related it's still a fairly big part of our lives. In one Email she mentioned that she still has a drawing I did of her for an anatomy class. So like you it meant a lot knowing that she kept it, especially 20+ years. While I value all that I have done to varying degrees it can never surpass the value a peer puts on it. Thanks again Jason. ~Gary