Tuesday, April 27, 2010

"Attention Ladies...The Blouse Man is on the premises"

Here's the finished piece. I've added some paper cups and a discarded cardboard box. For some reason I had a hard time figuring out on what to use for a box, until Gary suggested using index card. Well, duh on my part! It worked perfect and was just the right thickness. I just so happen to know a little about boxes and their construction so it was an easy build.

I took some pics with the flash and w/out to show the contrast in the fleshtones. I also added a little more mud and splashes to her lower half. Any more would, in my opinion, take away from the overall paint job. I'm sure I'll get a yes or nay on this overal from my peers but I'm still in the camp of "less is more".

Thanks to Gary for the tips! And especially thanks to my mentor and right hand man on these off-the-wall projects. Of whom, I'm sure, have not heard the last of.


Jim Johnston said...

She turned out really nice Jason, Great Job. I hope to maybe see her for real at an upcoming show. You do great work and I get a real kick out of seeing things develop. ~Jim

Gary Dombrowski said...

Jason, Great job on the box. It looks right. I like the crushed dixie cups too. Nothing like cool eye candy. ~Gary

Jason said...

Thanks Jim and Gary! It's a nice change of pace doing these non-military subjects. Stay tuned later this summer when I work with the Berlin Wall.