Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hippie Chick-Work In Progress

Here's a new subject for me! It's EVD's Hippie girl. This chick is 90mm in scale...all white metal. Because of the large scale and weight, I had to paint this beauty in sections. It came in four pieces and each, I swear, weighed just as much as one 54mm!
The stars and stripes weren't that difficult to paint (everything acrylic) once I got into a rhythm. And the hippie radical, Abbie Hoffman on the back of her jacket, was a one shot deal and turned out better than planned. This is still a work in progress. I need to finish her belt buckle and other touch ups. The grounds of Woodstock was needless to say a messy place, so I'll add some "trash" here and there.

Sorry for the washed out look. There's much more contrast than shown. I'll try better next time. Thanks for looking anyway.

I would like to thank my benefactor and spiritual advisor on this project. It's always a fascinating and challenging trip when we work together;)

I added some tunes to the play list. So listen up, tune out and get down...errr something like that.


Gary Dombrowski said...

Jason! OMG is Michelle okay with this? I bet she just shakes her head when she sees it. She seems very uninhibited my kind of girl. lol

Is this for a collector or just something you picked up for yourself? I love the pants and other little details. Do you remember the Phoenix Phollies figures? I still have the areobics girl and the punk rock chick kits. Must be fun to do a figure like this. ~Gary

Jason said...

Yeah, she's cool with it. Michelle enjoys the none military figures more. Now, the new Andrea "pin-up" calendar girls and the Phoenix chicks on the other hand, she may have a problem with.

Yes, it's for a collector. If I were to pick a girly figure for myself it would be a Phoenix or Andrea. Something with a tad more spice;P
But I don't see any of those in the near future.

Jim Johnston said...

That is something special Jason and I'm old enough to appreciate it. The only thing I have a problem with is the Mets tambourine but hey what the heck, I'll get over it. Seriously though this is a sweet bit of work and one I'm sure the buyer will enjoy for a long time to come. ~Jim

Jason said...

Thanks Jim! I would have prefered an Old English "D" buy since New York had the privilege of hosting this bash I can live with it too:)
The sad thing is the collector is more a Yankee fan!