Thursday, December 2, 2010

Guilford Courthouse Inspiration

As soon as I saw Don Troiani's painting of same subject, I was instantly inspired. The sweeping scene screamed diorama...Well, large vignette, depending on ones definition.

I slightly elevated the rear of the ground so dragoons were not too obscured by the figures in the foreground. By keeping a narrow front, and by composing the mounted figures coming down and at the viewer, it helped add a sense of movement.

I'd like to thank Gary Dombrowski for helping with the composing. He and I spent a couple hours discussing the project while hanging together in Gettysburg after the MFCA show. While he drew some rough sketches, I simulated the poses I thought would be effective...Sorry, I don't have those sketches. Those are in the hands of a private collector...Never to be seen again:)

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