Saturday, December 18, 2010

"Like a Mountain Avalanche"

"Seeing in the flight of the 2nd Maryland a chance to surprise and inflict severe damage upon the enemy, Washington ordered his trumpeter to sound the charge. Like a mountain avalanche, the dragoons rolled down the hillside and smashed squarely into the rear of the Guards." Quote from "Another Such Victory" by Thomas E. Baker

Here's the finished piece. I should note that the first figures to be glued to the base were the officer and drummer. Since the two were to be attached, I need "room" to sculpt (and paint) the hand of the officer onto the arm of the drummer.


Ubique said...

Stunning model(s). Even the officer steadying the drummer would make a great diorama on their own.


tommi said...

Outstanding Jason, I like every aspect of your work, will check in on your blog on a regular basis.
Thanks for sharing
Tommi (Planet Figure)

Jason said...

Thanks Tommi and Matt!

I agree Matt, the officer and drummer would make a neat mini-vignette.

Kreston said...

Excellent work, Jason. The entire scene has a great sense of ugency to it!

Jason said...

Thanks Kreston! Much appreciated.

Gary Dombrowski said...

Awesome piece pard. You're a machine! I really don't know how you do it. ~Gary

Firefly_Models said...

Superb work, I'm in awe of your talent!

lmesteban said...

Very, very nice !!!
Congratulations, Jason