Sunday, July 8, 2012

French Hussar 1790's- Part 2

Historex horses can be a tad thin so a shim will help give it more girth. Now, instead of shimming the top half, I double shimmed the bottom. I did this to seperate the standard spread (right half/left half) of the legs to add a little more action or enhance the movement of the pose.


Gary Dombrowski said...

Nice sbs pard. So, is the brass rod inserted in the leg or did you just duild over it?

Jason said...

Thanks. The rod is actually paper clip wire. Paper clip wire is a bit more sturdy. I shaved the front half of the leg off and formed the wire to the contour of the leg. Epoxy glued the wire then sculpted over the it. Takes a little work but the extra effort ensures the horse will take on the weight when pinned to the base.