Sunday, July 22, 2012

French Hussar 1790's- Part 5

In my previous post showed the rider's armature set and ready for work. Well, after scultping the legs and postitioned on the horse, I felt the legs still didn't look right. While I wanted a rider with an action pose, the legs didn't "hug" the horse like it should. My intention was sound but not realistic. I've never ridden a horse at full gallop, so I can imagine a rider practically squeezing the flanks of the animal with his legs and trying to hang on for dear life! As you can see, a new armature was built and ready to go. This time the legs are closer to the horse body, knees bent a bit more on the rider and the upper torso crouched a tad lower. I'm trying the "elevated" base thing again. I kinda like this style for mounted subjects. I did this with my Thirty Years War French cavalier and was impressed. With the horse in action, the elevation should, atleast in my eyes, add a bit more sense of movement to the subject.

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Vitalino Chitas said...

Hello Jason

I love your work and I'm always waiting for news on the blog!
I liked one day have the opportunity to paint one of your scratch!