Saturday, December 13, 2008

French Infantryman, 1790's- Part 2

After the coat tails have cured, I started applying putty to the upper body. I don't normally sculpt the body before adding belts & straps. I prefer to "tuck" the putty, but this figure will have the illusion of movement and the straps/equipment should show this too by being raised from the body.

At this time I began work on the 'Tarleton' style helmet. The bill came from a cap in my spares box.

Once the upper body cured, I drew rough lines for the turn-backs. It may look too fragile and tedious for such pressure...and it is! But careful hands are needed to sculpt them. Some sculptors can fold back the thin putty into this shape but I find this too tedious for me and usually don't look right afterwards.

At this time I added hair, turban and comb foundation to the helmet.

Thanks for following this project.

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Gary Dombrowski said...

Jason, Hey he's moving right along. The helmet looks really good pard. Red facings will look good on him too! ~Gary