Thursday, December 4, 2008

Meet "Lucius"

"Lucius" became a member of the family back in 1996 when my wife and I lived in a small one bedroom apartment. He was saved from an early grave at the local dump by my wife, who worked in retail at the time. He had a large crack at the base of his neck nearly decapitating his head from the body. After a little TLC he became a rather nice uniform "hanger". When we moved into our next home and started a family, Lucius was packed away for want of room and of the fear the kids would be freaked out. Now that we have plenty of spare room in our present house, Lucius has come out of his cardboard coffin and has joined the family again, this time as guardian to the down stairs French doors.
It's a bit sad to know that Lucius looks better than most reenactors out there and is getting more use out of my uniform and gear than I will!


Gary Dombrowski said...

Jason, Now that's what I need. Though you'd be very very limited in terms of poses, you could not ask for a more patient model. The way I am I'd be tempted to modify the face a little to make it look more like a period person. Lucius is COOL! ~Gary

Jason said...

You know if you take a drive behind larger malls and take a look around the dumpsters...;)
Yeah, we're lucky to have aquired Lucius.
We used to have this nice glass stand for him so he could stand on his own but somehow got broke or lost during our last two moves.
He makes a good model for how clothing naturally drapes on a person but is limited to poses.
I still plan on fixing him up. He has cracks and chips around his eye that need repair. I'm hesitant to add facial hair as I don't want the Tom Berenger look.