Sunday, December 21, 2008

French Infantryman, 1790's- Part 5

Here's the finished piece. I won't get into the color mixes for I didn't write any of them down...Which I really should do! Lets say I used pratically every light shade of grey from tan to greenish hues that Vallejo produces. I liked how it turned out and I won't be as intimidated to paint whites again.

A BIG thanks goes out to Gary Dombrowski for sharing his references. If it wasn't for his help I probably would have put this on the back-burner.

Thanks for following this project. I'm currently working on two figures, one a figure of Napoleon's "Indispensable Marshal", Berthier; the other a young Hindenburg from the Austro-Prussian War of 1866. This one loosely based on a photo of him at the time wearing his field kit.

Stay tuned.


Gary Dombrowski said...

Jason, You really nailed it on this one buddy. But I think you already know that! :-) ~Gary

WendyRaf said...

Wow! He came out great Jason. :)

Militaire Geschiedenis Blog said...

Really beautiful figure. I love your blog. Your figures are very original. I'm very interested in the way you paint the faces. The color of the shadows is great & the transitions between the shades are very smooth. Still, the contrast looks very nice. Could you give some info on that subject?


Jason said...

Thanks Gary, Wendy and Edwin!

I spent a little more time on this face than I usually do. Since I paint in acrylics subtle transition blending was the key. Keeping the paint vary thin and building up the layers. I favor more contrast than other painters and I'm constantly changing my palette. Such as adding more orange/brown to the flesh tone or little grey on the jaw line. Just alot of playing with the paint until I'm pleased.


Radek Pituch said...

Hi Jay
What a stunning piece of sculpture. Again you proved to be a talented sculptor and painter.
Lately I'm getting involved in the napoleonic era, so this is a true inspiration.

Happy New Year


Jason said...

Thanks Radek! It was a fun piece to do. It was also very refreshing to do something with action.

Radek Pituch said...

Hi Jason
Is there any chance to get a email contact to you?


Jason said...

Hi Radek. Try this e-mail.