Saturday, February 21, 2009

British "Tommy", 1916

I've been working on this fella while working on the Frenchman to change
things up and keep my interest elsewhere. I don't normally like doing two projects at one time but building a mounted figure alone can get very fatiguing... Atleast for me.

World War One subjects are really not an era of modeling interest to me but I was inspired by the cover of a Military Illustrated magazine. In fact, I bought the mag (for $1) just for the image.

The pose will be a bit different and arrangement of the equipment will be also. I'm using the book "World War 1 Infantry In Colour Photographs" for reference and inspiration as well.

His trousers may look a bit "baggy" but I really like the way they turned out.


WendyRaf said...

The trousers look good. I think WWI is an interesting time period - besides, it's nice to do something different from time to time. :)

Gary Dombrowski said...

Jason, I really think the trousers show your best sculpting to date. I continue to look at older pieces you've done and it's really great to see how your work has evolved in the short time I've know you. Great stuff pard, keep it up. ~Gary

Jason said...

Thanks Wendy. Yes, WW1 is very interesting. I try to keep my eyes out for subjects that aren't really a favorite modeling period of mine. You never know what will get the fingers itching.

Thanks Gary. I hope to continue improving and not stay totally content. I'm happy with my progress thus far but will try to push myself into doing better work.

Gary Dombrowski said...

Hey, forgot to ask. Do you need a rifle for your figure? I bought some Brit rifles made by Hornet and it said they were good for WW1 and WW2.~Gary

Jason said...

Gary, I'm using pieces from the Airfix Multipose: "Desert Rats" kit. Thanks for the offer!