Saturday, February 7, 2009

French Cavalryman, 1790's Part 2

I've progressed much further than the pics shown. I'm just too slow loading them. So I will spoon feed what I have.

I've added the horses straps and foundation of the saddle. The riders legs have been sculpted and then placed on the horse while the putty is still wet. This will ensure a nice fit to the saddle. Note talcum powder was brushed onto the saddle so the rider dosn't stick.

The shark tooth edging of the saddle sheepskin saddle blanket was made of paper thin plastic card.
The cutting wasn't that hard and went rather fast. Some refinement of the teeth will be done later.

The sheepskin was sculpted and textured. Then the rider was placed onto the saddle again to make a nice snug fit. Again, a light dusting of talcum powder was brushed on.


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Thanks Wendy! I hope your putting that Mike Blank book to good use;)