Thursday, February 12, 2009

French Cavalryman, 1790's - Part 3

I've just primed and began painting the flesh tones of the trooper. The lace of his jacket is thin strips of semi-cured Duro. Once in place the button loops and buttons were added.

This was my first attempt at scratching a musket... or musketoon rather. Well the butt of the stock is from an Airfix kit and the rest is brass rod and putty. I was a bit intimidated at first to try this and thought of not to have him armed with one. But he would look a little silly having the straps for it with nothing attached. I overcame another modeling phobia and will try a whole musket/rifle sometime.


Robert Jan said...

hello Jason,

Great action pose!


Jason said...

Thanks RJ!

WendyRaf said...

The lace looks really good. I think it's something that needs to be seen in the flesh to really see how small it it. :)

I really like the helmet too.

And yes, I'm loving the book. So many things to sculpt, so little time. Thanks for letting me borrow it! :D

Gary Dombrowski said...

Awesome work Jason. That sure is some great animation. ~Gary

Jason said...

Thanks Wendy and Gary!

I'm glad you like the book. I hope now to see a couple of original pieces from you at MFCA;)