Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Pros from Dover-Part 2

Here's the finished sculpt. I will post closer pics of each figure later.

As for the base, the amount of putty used to cover it was much smaller than I had planned. I applied the putty in sections, starting with the back, working my way to the sides, top and foreground, adding debris and texturing with a rough stone as I went.

The gabions are from Armand Bayardi. He makes really neat model accessories. Very detailed and are wonderful additions to a vigentte/dio.
I used three whole gabions and one half. I could have used four half's but using "whole" pieces adds a little more depth.

More later. Thanks for following.


Robert Jan said...

I think it looks fantastic so far!
Good luck with the paint job.

Robert Jan

Gary Dombrowski said...

Jason, You da man! That is such a cool piece. The cut of the uniforms is perfect. Those cranking out those "fast food figures" would benefit from paying attention to your work. Real incident or not it would make a cool painting. :) ~Gary

Gary Dombrowski said...

It's me again. One thing I really like about your groundwork is the method of construction. Is it balsawood, basswood or both? It's definitely lighter than (and cheaper)blocking it in with putty.Again,super super job. ~Gary

Jason said...

Thanks RJ and Gary. If I had to describe my work out-put, it would be "good food fast":)

The wood is a combo of balsa and "stuff" I had laying around. Using balsa really helps bulk things up and is easy to carve away.

I'll post better pics later.

Thanks again.