Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Pros from Dover-Part 3

From what I've read, there is only one known period image of the Duc de Lauzun, it's a profile engraving done sometime during his life. There are several artist interpretations of what he may have looked like during his time spent in America. Of the images I have seen of him, half depict him with a moustache. Why? I'm thinking this was the fashion for French cavalry units at the time and thus the artist depicts him in such manner. I've featured a couple artist renditions of the Duc. The one the collector really liked and myself, is Bill Horan's figure. My version will be slightly different.

As for the figure, I used the upper torso of a Historex hussar dolman piece. The Pelisse is also from Historex. I had to do a minor conversion with this piece as it did not lay like I wanted and was not very form fitting. I cut it in half to make it lay right, filled in the gaps w/ putty and added fur to the edge as the exisiting one was not very detailed. Even though I had to do a little cutting and carving, these two pieces saved me a lot of time.

More later. Thanks for following.

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Gary Dombrowski said...

I like the Duc and your choice of references. Cool and colorful figure. ~Gary