Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Pros from Dover-Part 5

Here's some closer pics of the trio, in particular LaFayette. I chose a head from Historex, one that had youthful features. I had to do alot of carving on this head because most of it with ears was covered with a bandana. I resculpted the forhead and added ears and hair.

I'm well into painting the horse and it's becoming a project tougher than planned. I have been going back and forth with the base so as to not get sloppy with the horse.

More later.


Joe said...

Looking really good Jason. I look forward to seeing it painted.


Gary Dombrowski said...

Great stuff Jason. Again, I'm really impressed with the cut of the uniforms. ~Gary

Jason said...

Thanks Joe!

Gary, my biggest fear when sculpting figures from this period is... big sleeves.

Thanks for the kind words.

Gary Dombrowski said...

Jason, It looks like you have kept that in mind. A lot of folks tend to make them fairly baggy. Aside from the sleeves some folks also tend to make the coat tails too long. You're on the right caourse. ~Gary

Matt Springer said...

Beuatiful work, Jason. I just saw this project for the first time and I really like the composition. I especially like the main figures above the rider. Looking forward to seeing it painted.


Jason said...

Thanks Matt! The project is almost finished. Will post more pics soon.