Saturday, November 14, 2009

6th Hussar, 1814

Here's the finished Metal Models Hussar. I did some experimenting with ebroidery floss for the fur trim. Not sure how convincing it is but like alot of this hobby it's done by trial and error. Still, it was fun to paint and I may try this technique again sometime.


Robert Jan said...


Looks like a nice clean painting job, good work.
I am not so convinced about the fur, Maybe when it's shorter it might be more realistic, but i think it is a bit out of scale.

all the best,
Robert Jan

Gary Dombrowski said...

Jason, Years ago Phil Kessling used to use colored flocking (static grass) to simulate fur on a lot of Le Cimier figures he was painting at the time. I think it looks okay. It's really tough to introduce realistic "scale" textures or other effects to such a small figure. ~Gary

Jason said...

Yeah, you guys are right. The fur does look a bit nappy. It needs more "puffiness" or fullness. One of Phil's figures gave me the inspiration to give it a try. I thought about static grass but thought the fibers too long. I may try this again sometime.