Sunday, November 22, 2009

Berdan Sharpshooter, 1863

Here's the finished Berdan Sharpshooter. I depicted him as he may have appeared during the Gettysburg Campaign. His worn out green frock coat has been replaced with an issue sack coat. He still retains his green trousers but are showing sings of wear. His green forage cap is worn and faded as well and sports a red diamond of the 1st Division, 3rd Corps. If it not were for the Sharpe's rifle, an occasional green frock coat or forage cap and the distinctive Prussian style hide knapsack, these troops during this campaign probably would have differed little from the average Union infantryman.


Gary Dombrowski said...

Jason, Nice job on the sharpshooter. The knapsack looks pretty good. Where did the Sharps rifle come from? I'm sure this piece will make some collector very happy. ~Gary

Jason said...


Thanks pard. The Sharpe's is from Wolf. The lever and extra trigger were additions and I painted in a patch box. I really like their weapons for the crisp castings. Too bad they're 1/35 scale.

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