Friday, November 27, 2009

"A Cruel Misfortune" Part 1

Here's my winter project. It depicts a final moment at the Battle of Blenheim, 12 August 1704, where French Marshal Tallard and remnants of his army, is swept to the River Danube and is forced to surrender. Sources say that up to 30,000 soldiers drowned in the river trying to make an escape. Though that number sounds a bit exaggerated, it does say something about the desperation that was felt in the retreat. The fields and villages around Blenheim where left to the Duke of Marlborough and his allies. Upon receiving the marshal as a prisoner the Duke remarked "I am sorry that such a cruel misfortune should have fallen upon a soldier for whom I have the highest regards".

The base was custom made by Ken Thomas. It's made of burl but has a large void on one side. This will be the backside of the vignette and will be filled in with putty. I planned on four figures and two horses but there was too much open space in the middle so I added a casualty to help tie in the scene. I gave the groundwork a slight elevation so this will give the composition a stage and help not conceal any figure.

I've begun work on the horse. I wanted the head of Tallard's horse sightly turned so I cut a sliver off one edge and filled the void with putty.

Thanks for following and stay tuned.


Jim Johnston said...

Really looking forward to following this. Your work is great and the process is very educational.

Jason said...

Thanks Jim! I appreciate the kind words. Great to see you back in the figure scene.

Robert Jan said...

Jason, this looks absolutly fantastic. Great start!
I was wondering about the historex heads you use, are the compatibal with the Hornet 1:35 heads?