Tuesday, January 12, 2010

"A Cruel Misfortune" Part 9

Here's some final pics of the piece before painting. I have a few things to finish on the wounded figures. Tallard's wig wasn't working for me so I carved off the hair and re-sculpted it giving more of a wave or "suggestion" of curls. Other than a few sword blades and giving the figures a final "once over" and wash, I should be able to prime some things up by the weekend.

Thanks for following.


Gary Dombrowski said...

Jason, WOW! You have really put something special together here.I can see the influence of Mike Blank's work in this pieces. This in no way is meant to take away from what you've done here. Though it looked okay to me the reworked wig looks even better than it did the first time around. It's great seeing your work elvove, thanks for the ride. ~Gary

Jason said...

Thanks pard! This has been a pretty neat project to work on. This period is really appealing and I will visit it again for sure.
Oh yeah, Mike's pieces are always an influence and I try to take some of his "look", for lack of better words, and use it in my figures. I like his style, and who better to emulate when doing this period?