Saturday, January 16, 2010


Here's some books I used for reference. "From Pike to Shot" is a book Mike Blank recommended to me. It covers briefly everything about the armies and battles in western Europe from 1685 to 1720. It's not really an illustrative guide but it does give uniform colors, weapons and tactics from all the major powers. If anyone models this period, this book should be at hand. It's a classic and can be found on ebay now and then. I bought this copy through amazon for under $20 a few years ago. The Osprey titles are o.k. but are still wanting in more uniform and equipment descriptions. More on references later.


Gary Dombrowski said...

Jason, references? Who uses those? There's no time when projects needed to be finished yesterday! Hurry hurry hurry! lol

Really, it's great to see you are among a dedicated few that go to lengths to get things right, or as right as references allow. What a great composition you have going there and I like the music selections you too. The Handel piece is from the movie Barry Lyndon, a great period film. ~Gary

Jason said...

Thanks pard! To be honest, there is some fun in looking all this stuff up, although it can be like a mystery novel and you want to go to the end of the book to see who "did it":)

Yeah, Barry Lyndon is a great movie. I throw that movie in once in awhile while working at the bench.