Saturday, October 25, 2008

Otto Dix's "Krieg", Part 3 *WARNING* GRAPHIC

Some of the following pictures maybe too graphic for some. Please view with discretion.

For the outside of the base I textured with a rough stone.

The cat-walk planks are made of plastic card.

The two figures are a hodge podge of pieces. The heads are from Hornet and expressions changed accordingly.
The legs are from Presier (sp?) and were shaved down a little and the toes were re-sculpted. You may note that the legs and torso do not match but the overall height is still 1/35.

It wasn't really that hard to sculpt a figure to a base. Just adjusting to the contours was tricky.

The helmet is a Dragon piece which I carved a little to add more brim to reflect the issue helmet of World War One.

I got a little wild with the "shrouded" figure. Sculpting the folds and wrinkles was actually pretty fun. Not sure if it will be convincing to others but I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. The bullet/Shrapnel holes may have gotten out of hand, but hopefully it will add to the harshness of the piece. And my intention of this
piece was to try and stay close to Otto Dix's vision, NOT historical accuracy.


Gary Dombrowski said...

Jason, This is shaping up to be a dynamite piece. As for the graphic nature of the piece, it pales in comparison to what guys like Dix witnessed during the war. You've got something going on here. ~Gary

Jason said...

Gary, thanks! I'm not really into macabre subjects but Dix's paintings/drawings are inspiring.
You know, I almost considered doing something similiar to his "The Skat Players". That would have been waayy over the top for me.

WendyRaf said...

War has never been pretty. I've always preferred the real over the romantic.

The folds are fantastic.